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Understanding the chiropractic message is very easy. Everyone has an INNATE (inborn) intelligence that always knows what the body needs in order to be perfect. The most common and serious interference to this perfect expression is a vertebral subluxation. Chiropractors are the only health care providers who specialize in locating, correcting and preventing subluxations. Chiropractic is a lifestyle; something that someone chooses to do the rest of their life. 

It is our experience that those clients who adhere to our policies get the best results! We are dedicated to finding solutions to your problems and helping you feel better, now and forever.

We are here to serve you and will be happy to answer any questions concerning your health care, for we pride ourselves on serving happy, healthy and enthusiastic clients. Please speak with us about any concerns. Your comments will help us to help you and others. We hope that you will be extremely satisfied, and will recommend Rhino Chiropractic to your family and friends. 

As you begin to improve, share your joy and vitality with friends and family who are not expressing their full health potential. Tell them the facts about chiropractic care - without exaggeration or distortion. Careless expression such as “cracking the neck”, “popping the bones” and “breaking your back” tend to frighten sick, nervous or timid people. This is especially true of children for whom chiropractic care can do so much. These people have a right to know the truth.....that chiropractic is a science and our adjustments are skillful and specific and will not harm or endanger the body of even a tiny infant. You will be surprised as to how much better it will make you feel to know that you are helping others improve their health. Our practice is built on referrals that we feel are a direct response to producing results, and educating and serving our patients’ needs.

We need to heal the world naturally....Drug Free! You make a difference by sharing your vitality and knowledge with others. We are proud of you, and we want you to know that you have made a great choice by allowing us to serve you. For your convenience, we have morning and evening hours!

Chiropractic is Health Care, Not Disease Care
by: Herb Newborg

(NaturalNews) Chiropractors have, for the past 112 years, treated sickness and infirmity without the use of drugs and with the goal of avoiding surgical removal or repair of any of the body's organs or structures. Chiropractic's message is that the proactive care of one's body and wise lifestyle choices are necessary to achieve health. Chiropractors have held and maintained this view, even before it became fashionable and long before evidence made it clear that the drug and surgery model of "health care" is really nothing more than "disease care", waiting for disease to occur and then treating the effects. Chiropractic takes a preventive approach to health care: eliminate the cause of disease.

Chiropractors have always maintained that interfering with the transmission of the electro-chemical signals that connect your brain, the master control system for the human organism, to every organ and cell in your body has a detrimental effect on health.

This system is so delicate and of such vital importance that the body has designed the most elaborate set of protection, armor if you will, to protect it. The skull is a protective vault that houses and protects the most sensitive of systems: the eyes, the mouth, the ears and most importantly, the brain. The next critical organ in your body, the spinal cord, is guarded by your spine. This masterpiece of engineering is 24 vertebrae, each one a unique bone, that serves not only as the axis of your musculoskeletal system, giving you the unique ability to walk upright, but also has a unique set of nerves that run through it to every other system of the body through individual holes called foramen.

What travels through the spine and the foramen that protect them is the very essence of your being. From your brain, your spinal cord and the millions of nerves that branch out from it are the core from which your body functions. Before you came into the world, you formed a brain and a spinal cord and developed a body around it. And so it is today that the brain regulates the rest of your body through this delicate system of nerves protected by your spine.

Chiropractors maintain the proper position of these delicate joints and the precious cargo which they protect, your nerve system.

Pressure on the root nerves that leave the spine through the foramen to control and regulate all of the other organ systems of the body can affect millions of nerve fibers. Pressure on the brain stem, where it leaves the skull and enters the spine can also affect millions of nerve fibers. Interfering with these nerve fibers can have disastrous affects on your health.

Chiropractors detect and correct the cause of this interference, allowing your body to self regulate, adapt and heal. The care and maintenance of the spine and nervous system is a necessary component of any natural approach to health and wellness.

Chiropractors have been outspoken opponents of water fluoridation, mass vaccination, over-use of prescription drugs, food additives and have always maintained that it is better to find and correct the cause of disease, rather than merely treat or cover up symptoms.

Today, chiropractors embrace and support the growing body of evidence that health is a result of a fully functioning nerve system, consuming natural, nutrient rich food, clean pure water, proper exercise, natural sleep and emotional/spiritual well being. A healthy spine allows your body to adapt, regulate and fully realize the benefits of all of these other natural methods of avoiding disease and achieving health. See your chiropractor today to have your spine checked and begin to extricate yourself from the disease care system of treating symptoms

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